Village Jazz Series

Village Jazz Series Returns to Yuma Palms in 2015

The Village Jazz Series is back for its 9th season(!) in the Village Area of Yuma Palms Regional Center. The series of free jazz concerts will run Thursday evenings, 6 to 8pm, January 15 through April 30.

Check back later to find the full schedule of performers. As always, there will be a mix of nationally known artists and outstanding local and regional musicians. Varied musical styles will be presented by groups from big band to duo, season pros to talented students. And of course, one of the big 'plusses' will continue to be the venue itself - the inviting Village Area of Yuma Palms - with its lights, palm trees, water features and grass. Not to mention the handy eateries and shops - all under the starry Yuma sky! Each event makes for an exceptional evening out, and for so many (including me), the Series just can’t start soon enough!

- Steven Hennig, Organiser
Village Jazz Series

Check out the outstanding list of performers from previous seasons!