Village Jazz Series 2016

The 10th season of the Village Jazz Series has been given the Green Light! That's right - the free concerts, 6 to 8pm on Thursdays in the Village Area of Yuma Palms Regional Center, will be happening January 14 through April 28, and will feature outstanding performers from San Diego, LA, Phoenix, and of course, the Yuma Area.

So check back here for the schedule and updates as the Village Jazz Series continues into ITS 10TH YEAR at this inviting venue - a perfect spot, with its lights, palm trees, water features, and grass. Not to mention the handy eateries and shops - all under the starry Yuma sky! Can't wait- see you there soon!

- Steven Hennig, Organiser
Village Jazz Series

Village Jazz Series at the Palms

Check out the outstanding list of performers from previous seasons!